The Warm Corner of the House

Featuring Soul2Soul, Serenity Style, DaD Virtual Living, InsurreKtion and KOPFKINO

This room was inspired by my mothers house, the house I grew up in.  What we called the TV room was where the wood burning stove was, along with a set of French Doors that opened to the outside but the sun shined through them most of the day making it indeed, the warmest spot in the house.  As a teen I would rush home from school to watch General Hospital (back in it’s Luke & Laura heyday), snuggled on the floor, next to the wood burning stove.  When the show ended I most always stayed put for a catnap enjoying the warmth of the room.  My mother who is 85 now still lives there.  It’s been “home” for 46 years now and the house is full of so many memories that I hate to think about a time somewhere in the future when it may no longer belong to someone in the family.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen but if it does I hope the new owners fill it with wonderful memories of their own.

Lots of goodies here so I will get straight to the credits and you can go check out all of the wonderful things for yourself.  Have a great day!



KOPFKINO – Winter Frames @ Cosmopolitan

DaD Virtual Living – Wooden Logs in Bucket

Serenity Style – Primitive Cute Snowman (exclusive gift from MadPea hunt)

Soul2Soul @ Shop & Hop

Festive Table Decor. Baubles (gift)
Festive Table Decor. Succulents Bowl (gift)

InsurreKtion @ Shiny Shabby

[IK] Grandfather Clock Set – Chair
[IK] Grandfather Clock Set – Clock Black
[IK] Grandfather Clock Set – Cushions
[IK] Grandfather Clock Set – Sign

Apple Fall – Jar Candles (group gift)


Bohemian Loft Headboard
Home Clutter Books Bonus Item
Shabby Pastels Table

Elm. – Cassia Side Table

Just Animals

Grey Tabby Cat Lying
Grey Tabby Cat Paw Lick

Hanta  – Multiple Rug 6

 +Half-Deer+ – Northern Cardinal M – Static

LOVE – Snowy Winter Tree

OPI – Lace Valance

Muniick– Llewellyn Cast Iron Fireplace

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