Dear Diary

Featuring InsurreKtion, Bricolage, Lyrium and Ecru Couture

Fill your paper
with the
of your heart.

– William Wordsworth


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram – K0925

Dress – Ecru Couture – Leda @ Shiny Shabby

Jewelry –  CAE – Simplicity Gems

Glasses – [Z O O M] – Brillie Glasses



[IK] Dream Your Life – Old Letters
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Armillary Sphere
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Astrolabe
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Beetles Frame
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Bicycles Frames
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Chair
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Clock
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Lamp
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Magnifying Glass
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Old Fashion Frames
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Secretaire
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Stone Deco
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Table Lamp
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Travel Book
[IK] Ruby Home Office – Wall Clock

Bricolage – New Year’s Journals – Japanese Notebook (decor only)

MudHoney – Classic Photo Room 1 (RARE)

Nutmeg – Stored Antiquities Curtain

Merak – Books Stack

Dust Bunny

Dwarf Fruit Trees . Clementine Tree
Dwarf Fruit Trees . Clementines
Fiddle Leaf Tree


Lyrium – Kira Series (includes static & Breathing animations) – Pose 3

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