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Featuring Serenity Style and InsurreKtion

I’ve been having a bit of fun in my inventory, mixing and matching things to come up with completely new pieces, one of which made it into this photo.  Can you spot it?  Even though my inventory is completely organized, there are so many things in it that it is easy to forget what I have.  I could stop buying for a year and still be able to find what I need in my inventory…but that will never happen because I am an SL hoarder who loves sales and shopping!  LOL

Speaking of sales, one of me featured items is on sale this weekend.  The Vintage Entryway from Serenity Style is available for Wanderlust Weekend where featured items are on sale for just 50L.  The Vintage Entryway comes as a single item which includes the pillows, vintage photos, small truck and the hat box.  It has great animations for males and females as well.  It is available at the main store and the sale price is good only for this weekend.

I am also featuring the Rustic Wood Set from Insurrektion.  It originally released as a gacha but is now available at the main store where you can purchase it as a complete set or purchase items individually.  Personally, I always buy complete sets when I can as they are usually a better value and that also means I can do plenty of mixing and matching with other creators just as I have in this photo.

Happy Saturday!  Enjoy the weekend and all the sale shopping!



Serenity Style

Back to Home My Clutter Tray
Vintage Entryway


Old Days Set – Dingy Mirrors
Rustic Wood Set – Baskets
Rustic Wood Set – Candlesticks
Rustic Wood Set – Console
Rustic Wood Set – Old Boots
Rustic Wood Set – Painting #1
Rustic Wood Set – Painting #2
Rustic Wood Set – Painting #3
Rustic Wood Set – Painting #4
Rustic Wood Set – Pottery Candelabra
Rustic Wood Set – Table
Rustic Wood Set – Wall Candelabra

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Found Wood Vessel
Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket
Apple Fall Nest w/ Speckled Eggs
West Village Billy Ball Stems
West Village Ginkgo Branches (modified)
West Village Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot


Warm Earth Stack of Books
Warm Earth Stack of Dishes

Dust BunnyFlutter Skybox

Spargel & Shine

Rug Round Blue
Selina Curtain Tint Lace Panel 1 Gold

MADRAS – 02 Spring Flower Jar Ground

{vespertine} -Fern Leaf Cactus

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