Practice Makes Perfect

Featuring Rhyme nor Reason and Seetra. & Co 

To quote Britney Spears, “oops I did it again”.  A video that is, that you can find here.  I’m still very, very green when it comes to the whole video thing but after seeing the animations included in this Flaunt Wall Mirror from Rhyme nor Reason, I had to give it a go. 

So a bit about the mirror…first, it’s awesome!  I had so much fun with it.  There are tons of animations including stands, ballet, cuddles for couples and some just for fun ones.  I had to laugh when I found myself cleaning the mirror and said to myself “Sorry, I don’t do windows”.  Laughs.  It also has different mirror textures including my favorite, a sweaty bum, leg and handprint left by someone who is clearly getting a great workout.  I am also featuring the Ballet Clutter Pack, also from Rhyme nor Reason.  It includes the bag, slippers, two bags and some paper clutter.  You can find all of this at The Liaison Collaborative which opens tomorrow at noon SLT. 

I am also giving a featured item shout out to Seetra. & Co.  My pose is from the Life is a Dance set and even though it was actually at last months round of The Liaison Collaborative it works perfectly for this shot.  There are a total of five poses, mirrors included.  You should be able to find it now (or soon) at the main store.

Happy Monday…another day closer to spring!


What I’m wearing

Hair – Tram – K0925

Tutu – Salt & Pepper –  Nutcracker Tutu

Toe Shoes – Salt & Pepper –  Nutcracker Pointes


Rhyme nor Reason The Liaison Collaborative

[RnR] Ballerina Frame
[RnR] Ballet Bag
[RnR] Ballet Bag – Lavender
[RnR] Ballet Clutter
[RnR] Ballet Slippers – Hanging
[RnR] Flaunt Wall Mirror

[keke] – Water Bottles

Soy – Water Dispenser

Muniick – French Country Barn Door

THOR – Old’s Cool Lift-up Stool

Apple Fall 

Apple Fall Old Stained Bench
New York Studio Apartment


Seetra. & Co – Life Is A Dance – Pose 1

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