Seeing Red

Featuring Rhyme nor Reason

I had a funny moment today.  I was struggling to come up with a name for this photo/post.  I searched for an inspiring song (too many in fact but I did have a nice jam session in the process), a quote or lyrics and couldn’t come up with anything I was happy with.  I took a small break for lunch and started reading a few posts from bloggers I follow and low and behold I found one of them had also struggled with the perfect title.  Don’t worry Ceja!  It happens to all of us it seems.  Grumpy Gus that I had become, when I tabbed back to the photo the thing that jumped out was the color red and by this time I was seeing red (an expression meaning one is angry in case you haven’t heard it before)…and so a title was born.

So anyone who follows my blog knows I don’t really do many “risque” type photos.  Not say I haven’t done any, but they do put me a bit out of my comfort zone.  After doing a post the other day for Rhyme nor Reason, the creator asked if I did photos that were a bit more “adult”.  Even though my reply was “not really” she was kind enough to pass me this Pervy Pommel anyway and I told her I would try to use it in a future post.  Now we are nearing the end of the month and I am pretty up to date on my blogging requirements which is great because that is when I can really just play around with new styles of photos and new ideas.  This photo is the result and I do quite love the end result.  I much prefer this style of photo over nude pixel people just letting it all hang out.

This is just a sneak peek at the Pervy Pommel as it is a “coming soon” release but it is on display at the main store.  As you might have guessed this one has solo, cuddle and adult animations designed for Dom and Sub as well as auto rezzing props.  There are also 5 color options for the leather.  Be sure to check it out in person at the main store.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Argrace  – Saki (no longer available)

Bodysuit – [Cubic Cherry] –  Barb Bodysuit

Boots – Pure Poison – Rainey Boots


Rhyme nor Reason – Pervy Pommel

tarte. – Extender Chair (for Autumn Hanging Bench)


 Diversion – Light me Up – Pose 5 (modified)

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