Featuring Bricolage, Raindale, Sari-Sari, Atelier Burgundy and DISORDERLY 

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Whether you are head over heels in love or happily single Cupid Inc. is going to have something you love.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a blogger for Novel Events again and have spent all morning “oohing” and “ahhing” over all of the goodies.  I am featuring a few in this post with a bunch more to come along with some beautiful things from my other sponsors. 

First a bit about how Cupid Inc. works and I am going to quote the official press release that says it best!  “Cupid Inc. is an annual shopping event with an innovative gifting system: besides purchasing for themselves you will be able to send anonymous gifts in the best tradition of Secret Valentine! Shop for your beloved and treat yourself with “Single or Taken” Reward Mystery Boxes!
Spend 800L in the event to unlock the first Mystery Box (Single or Taken?) and receive them both at 1500L.  80+ original prizes await you!”

Now on to the goods!

From Bricolage is the Amee Loveseat Set.   The set includes the loveseat, side table, roses, macarons and candy hearts.  It comes in PG and Adult versions and has 24 texture change options.  You can find it at the main store.

From Sari-Sari is this super cute plant shelf.  The Indoor Plant Shelf features Hoya Cumingiana and Aglaonema Snow White potted plants along with grow lights on 2 shelves.  I love how the plants are at opposing shelf ends leaving room to add something to give it your personal touch.  You can find it at Anthem.

From Raindale comes the Loveblaze Set.  There are 17 items in total including the crates, balloons, cupcakes, candles and more!  A linked set is included for those of you who just like to rez things out and call it a day.  You can find it Cupid Inc.

From Atelier Burgundy I am featuring the Hearts Lamp and the Hearts & Photos wall hanging.  The lamps come in two versions; with and without photos as well as two colors, red and white.  They lamp also rotates on touch and emits a soft glow.  Super cute and also at Cupid Inc.

No Valentines Day is complete without some sweet treats and Disorderly has us covered.  The Sweet Valentine Treat Board is loaded with strawberries, truffles and macarons.  This treat board is the gift item from Disorderly at Cupid Inc. and they also have a whole array of other Valentine cakes.

Cupid Inc will open at 3 PM SLT!  Get your teleport fingers ready!




Amee Loveseat
Amee Macarons
Amee Side Table
Candy Hearts

Raindale @ Cupid Inc.

Loveblaze Arch
Loveblaze Arrow
Loveblaze Balloon
Loveblaze Bow
Loveblaze Candle (red heart)
Loveblaze Candle (red sphere)
Loveblaze Cloud Decor
Loveblaze Crates
Loveblaze Cupcakes
Loveblaze Frame
Loveblaze Sign
Loveblaze Vase
Loveblaze Wall Decor
Balloons On The Floor (red) – Gift item

 Sari-Sari – Indoor Plant Shelf @ Anthem

Atelier Burgundy @ Cupid Inc.

Hearts & Photos – Red
Hearts Lamp – Red 

DISORDERLY. – Sweet Valentine Treat Board – Gift Item @ Cupid Inc.

hive – You & Me Frame

FetchCruel Stool @ Cupid Inc (featured item in upcoming post)

Barnesworth Anubis – Hampton Cottage

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