The Conservatory

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

I’m super happy to have been re-accepted to the DaD Virtual Living team.  Keep an eye on their Flickr page to see gorgeous shots from the returning members and the new faces!

Today I am featuring the Dramatic Curtains Modular Set from DaD Virtual Living…obviously, right?  These luxurious curtains some in three styles and include a variety of rod designs and curtain clips.  All parts can be recolored via HUD as well.  You can find the set at Uber.



DaD Virtual Living – Dramatic Curtains Modular Set @ Uber

MudHoney – Classic Photo Room 1(modified floor)

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Blossom Fence, Tall – White
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal
Apple Fall Olive & Daisy Planter

 +Half-Deer+ – Fairylight Rose Vines – Early

Botanical – Edged Brick Park Path

Death Row Designs – Victorian Music Room – Harp

Solus. – Symphony Music Stand w/ Sheet Music (not available)

hive – Spiral Boxwood Topiary – Lighted

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