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Featuring {What Next}, Sari-Sari and [Cinoe]

I imagine this is how a lot of people who were working from home spent their day…at least I know I would have. I saw an article just the other day about a group of people who had returned to working in the office all wore to work what they had been wearing to their Zoom meetings.  It was so funny…all business on top and all comfort on the bottom.  There was everything from shorts and barefeet to PJ bottoms and slippers paired up with suit jackets complete with ties on the men and lovely blouses on the women. 

I am lucky to have a job where I can pretty much wear what I want with the exception of flip flops. Boo to shoes!  I do love my flip flops and pretty much loathe enclosed shoes.

Today my featured items include this fun Lazy Day set from Sari-Sari, several cute decor and furniture pieces from What Next and a yummy sandwich and drink from Cinoe.  Head to the credits to find out where you can find everything and happy Friday!!


What I’m wearing

Head – LeLutka – Irina

Skin – amara beauty – Bridget

Face & Body Moles & Freckles – Izzie’s

Hair – Doux  – Olivia


{What Next}

{what next} ‘Emma’ Tulips Bouquet
{what next} Devon Armoire (w/dress)
{what next} Devon Nightstand
{what next} Flowery Alarm Clock
{what next} I Love The Weekend Wall Print
{what next} Madeleine Hatbox (stack)
{what next} Pajamas All Day Wall Print

 Sari-Sari  – Lazy Day Set (includes tray w/ decor, poses and blanket) @ The Warehouse Sale

[Cinoe]Hot Bird Avocado Sandwich & Cafe au lait @ The Fifty

Dust Bunny – Florence Bedroom Bed

Ariskea – [Abbey] Tassel Lamp

*Items by [ keke ] no longer available*

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