The Flow of Water

Featuring DaD Virtual Living and The Little Branch

Flow like water and you will
find your way through any rock.

– Roger Lee

I am super excited about the new release from DaD Virtual Living.  This is the Positano Watermill and it is available at FaMESHed.  The Positano Watermill is just one of the Positano pieces DaD has created.  There is also a mansion, a farmhouse and a barn.  Every time I have blogged one of these peices I feel like I right in the middle of Italy….straight out of Under The Tuscan Sun…which I know I mentioned when I blogged the last piece but I can’t help it!  It’s true!  It’s just beautiful so be sure to head to FaMESHed and check out the demo on display and then head to the DaD Virtual Living main store and see the other pieces.



DaD Virtual Living – Positano Watermill FaMESHed

Studio Skye

Skye Four Season Oak Tree
Skye River Set

The Little Branch

Red Maple Shrub – Animated The Fifty
Cypress Oak

Kalopsia – Orchard Chair w/Blanket

LOVE – Bougainvillea

Nutmeg – Rustic Fence Clothesline Bonus Item

Brixley – Vintage Decor – Laundry Basket

Dysfunctionality – Spring Poppies

Heart Garden Center – Bougainvillea Tree

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