The Real Olive Garden

Featuring InsurreKtion

Sometimes you get lucky!  I did by not tearing down yesterday’s scene and then finding this beautiful set from InsurreKtion that could not have been more perfect for the patio of the Positano Watermill.  I few quick changes and voila!

This is the Taste of Tuscany set and it is available at The Arcade.  As we all know, “gachas” work in a whole new way now.  You still collect the pieces but you know exactly which piece you are getting BEFORE you decide to pay for it.  This set is loaded with pieces that work great on their own without having to have the entire set.  Those were always my favorite kind to play.  There are 12 items to collect, three of which are rares.  The two tables and the chair are also texture change on touch with some beautiful ceramic patterns.

Have a great weekend!



InsurreKtion @ The Arcade

[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Bottle Rack
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Breadbasket
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Buffet
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Chair
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Chianti Bottle
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Chianti Set
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Dinning Table
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Fruit Platter
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Jar w/ Sunflowers
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Mosaic
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Small Table
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Spices Tray
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Tray of Apples

DaD Virtual Living 

DaD “Indoor Olive tree in pot”
DaD “Indoor Olive tree with wooden basket”
DaD “Positano Watermill” FaMESHed
DaD – Berkshire Stable -Wall Lamp

KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Olive Oil & Garlic

{What Next} – Wine Glass Decor

Lucas Lameth Bistro & Boutique – Stack of Blue Swirl Plates [Decor]

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Clay Jug w/ Rope
Apple Fall Scroll-Handle Terracotta Jug – Glazed
Apple Fall Urne de Terra Cuite – Dark

HPMD – Wildgrasses Green


Travellers Rest – Bulb Lights

Dysfunctionality – Spring Poppies

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