Kitchen At Rest

Featuring Serenity Style, Rhyme Nor Reason and Knick Knacks

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date..no time to say “hello”, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!  It’s been a busy morning that included a trip to the vet for my furbabies checkup.  Lets get right to the credits!



Knick KnacksThe Liaison Collaborative

The Rustic – Iron Framed
The Rustic – Angle Decor (light)
The Rustic – Ppot with Berries
The Rustic – Shelf Brown
The Rustic – The Quote (b&g)
The Rustic – Wooden Decor 2 light
The Rustic – Wooden Decor brown

Rhyme nor ReasonCosmopolitan

[RnR] Kitschen
[RnR] Kitschen Decor – Bucket
[RnR] Kitschen Decor – Cannisters
[RnR] Kitschen Decor – Eggs
[RnR] Kitschen Decor – Recipe Book On Stand
[RnR] Kitschen Decor – Utensils

Serenity Style

The Little Stitches Ladder The Liaison Collaborative
Wendy Farm Kitchen Cup and Bowl
Wendy Farm Kitchen Milkmaid


Mediterranean Kitchen – Counter RARE
Mediterranean Kitchen – Her stool
Mediterranean Kitchen – Pan & Spoons
Mediterranean Kitchen – Spice Jars
Mediterranean Kitchen – Spoon Jar
Mediterranean Kitchen – Wall Cabinet


[Kres] Country Kitchen – Baskets
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Bread sticks
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Lemons – RAR
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Linen
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Mugs
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Napkin
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Pans
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Rolling pins – Exclusive
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Tray

Apple Fall  – Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums

MudHoney  – Vintage Casseroles

Muniick – Vintage Laundry Detergent and Soaps

Nutmeg – Valance

Pitaya – Runner Rug – straight WHITE&BLUE

hive – Milking Stool

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