Weeds Are Flowers Too…

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

Weeds are flowers too,
once you get to know them.

– A.A. Milne

DaD Virtual Living has released another piece that matches the Positano Collection.  This is the Positano Garden Set which includes some lovely fencing, iron gates and a pergola.  I am showing it hear with the Positano Farmhouse.  The entire set is so lovely and I say it every time I blog a piece from the set…”time to watch Under the Tuscan Sun”!  You can find the Positano Garden Set at FaMESHed.

Have a great day!



DaD Virtual Living

DaD “Positano Farmhouse”
DaD “Positano Pergola” FaMESHed
DaD “Positano Garden Set” FaMESHed

Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods V3

The Little Branch – Moon Flower Tree

LOVE – Dandelion Dreams

Botanical – Douglas Fir

HPMD – Cliff Hill

Heart Garden Center – Harmony Wild Dandelions

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