Relax, Unwind, Chill

Featuring Soul2Soul

It’s a balmy day here in the southern US but sadly the sun is hiding behind heavy cloud cover (at least at the time of this writing).  It seems every day I am off work the clouds like to take over.  I know in a month or so I will be hiding indoors with the AC on but right now I would like to sip a morning coffee on my patio while the sun was shining.

Today I am featuring the Monkey Knot Pouf, a new release from Soul2Soul and have paired it up with their previous release, the Go-Pop Rattan Cocoon Chair and Rug.  The Monkey Knot Pouf comes in a choice of single colors or as a fatpack and they also include singles bento animations.  You can find them at the main store along with the Go-Pop Collection.

Have a great day!




Soul2Soul. Go-Pop Rattan Cocoon Chair
Soul2Soul. Go-Pop Rug
Soul2Soul. Monkey Knot Pouf B


Coastal Books
Coastal Ladder Shelf
Coastal Lamp
Coastal Tray
Octopus Figurine (Blue)

Dust Bunny

Areca Palm Plant
Potted Palm

Simple Reflections – Rope Wrapped Wood Sign

tarte. – Nantucket Fishing Net

Soy – Glass Fishing Float

junk. – Round Boho Rug – Turquoise

Redgrave Homes – JAC Boat Shack

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