Crane & Koi

Featuring KOPFKINO

I stepped out of my box a bit and played with some dramatic lighting for this shot.  I mean I guess you would call that orange sky dramatic, right? Anyhoo….I am featuring this beautiful Tranquility Water Garden Tub from KOPFKINO.  It is a new release and is available now at the main store. The tub is available in five different colors and each has texture change lotus flowers, animated water and sound.  Beautiful for any garden…dramatic or otherwise!



KOPFKINO  – Tranquility Water Garden Tub – Copper

TLC Animals 

TLC Gold fish pond with Waterfall Set
TLC Goldfish
TLC Red-crowned Crane


Shrub – Green
Sweet Garden Grass02

Studio Skye – Skye Banana Plant

Leonas Little Shop – Tropical Plants

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