A Pinch Of This & A Dab Of That

Featuring Soul2Soul, Serenity Style and InsurreKtion

I love building a scene where I can use multiple creators though they are more time consuming versus using one 20 piece set from one creator.  I found myself comparing the task to that of a chef when creating new dishes….or even me when I’m trying to create dinner from what I have on hand when its the day before grocery day!

I start with the featured items and then build from there…adding a pinch of this style and a dab of that design all the while hoping in the end to have something pleasing to the eye….or in the case of the afore mentioned cooking, something pleasing to the taste buds!  

I am featuring the Stephany Cabinet from Serenity Style.  I love the pop of blue and the pretty blue floral interior of it.  You can find it at The Liaison Collaborative.

Next is a lovely set from Soul2Soul.  The Honey Comfort Couch Set includes the couch and the two dried floral arrangements.  The couch actually reminds me of one of those lovely oversized chairs that I love.  I used the Honey Naturals Sofa in the back and all of these things work great together, including pieces from the Honey Dreams set.  You can find the Honey Comfort Couch at Cosmopolitan and the other Honey sets at the Soul2Soul main store.

Rounding out the decor is the Chippendale Set from InsurreKtion.  If you missed it at Shiny Shabby you can find it now at the main store.  The set includes the chair, hanger, mirror and more and is available in Adult and PG versions.

Bon Appetit everyone!




[IK] Chippendale Set – Chair
[IK] Chippendale Set – Deco Set
[IK] Chippendale Set – Hanger
[IK] Chippendale Set – Lamp
[IK] Chippendale Set – Mirror


Soul2Soul. Honey Comfort Couch @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Comfort Pot w/Dried Flowers Short @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Comfort Pot w/Dried Flowers Tall @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Sofa

Serenity Style – Stephany Cabinet The Liaison Collaborative

Apple Fall

West Village Ginkgo Branches
Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Hello Darling
Apple Fall Sheridan Knotted Rug – Navy
Apple Fall Sheridan Knotted Rug – Pale Blue


Stored Antiquities Curtain

crate – Upcycled Wall Shelf – Dark

KraftWork – Rustic Garland Bottle

Scarlet Creative – Wimberley Farmhouse

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