Life Is Better When You Add Fresh Air & Sunshine

Featuring Soul2Soul

I have to admit that my little “forced” blogging break has left me with a more laid back approach to blogging and I don’t feel the need to get something published everyday.  Well, I didn’t really before either…it’s just sometimes there are so many pretty things I want to blog that I get on a roll! *Laughs*  I am settling into a new schedule so I can continue enjoying time outdoors and just doing other things in addition to blogging.  We recently let go of our homestead since we just weren’t using it enough to make it a practical expenditure.  We found a lovely beach with an unobstructed sunset view and I had so much fun decorating.  There is a lot to be set for smaller homes that allow you to go crazy on the details and “clutter”.

Today I am featuring the The Provence, a beautifully detailed and textured home from Soul2Soul.  It was released during my break for Cosmopolitan and is now available at the main store.  I still wanted to blog it because I knew it would make a lovely photo…and I think it did, turning out exactly as I envisioned.  

Hope you have a great day and weekend!




The Provence
The Provence Pergola


Sweet Garden Grass02 – Green
Wildgrasses – Green

Heart Garden Center

Wild Flowers – Loosestrife
Heart Flowering Hosta

LOVE– Filler Bush

MudHoney – Miranda Drapes – Sheer

Atelier Visconti – Old Well

Fundati – Ashes Tree Set

Spargel & Shine – Bloomin’ Pink Sofa

Dust Bunny – Spring Potting Table

elev8~Jasmine Bush 

Pixel Mode – Emily’s Garden – Flower Cart (Not Available)

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