Table For Two

Featuring DRD

Keeping this super short and sweet this morning.  I have had the past 3 days off at work and I am sure I am about to walk into a disaster area this morning.  Have a great day!



DRD  The Fifty

DRD – Elaine’s Lunch Set – Table
DRD – Elaine’s Lunch Set – Tablesetting
DRD – Elaine’s Lunch Set – Chair


HPMD* Dirt Road – Dark Brown
HPMD* WildGrasses -Green

Heart Garden Center Quenn Ann’s Lace

Dust BunnyBirdhouse Garden Gate

Harshlands – Big Oak Sapling 1 – Green

Dysfunctionality – Twinkling Flower Bush


Forgotten Clothesline
The Old Shed

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