Vivid Chartreuse

Featuring Soul2Soul

I love the color chartreuse…and I am sitting here laughing out loud about it because it seems like just as they say there are seven degrees of separation between people, there are also seven degrees of separation between me and something (anything) Disney related.  Ok, who am I kidding…I can get to something Disney related in about 2 steps!  Members of a Disney forum that I have belonged to for years used to use the lime green Mickey Mouse head paint swatches from Home Depot as a way to identify ourselves to other members while we were vacationing at Disney World.  We would laminate them and hang them from our bags and backpacks and wave hello when we spotted someone else sporting one.  Ahh the good old days! *Laughs*  Anyhoo….

I love the little tidbit of information I found out about the color chartreuse and so will share it with you and then get on to the credits!

Appropriately named for its resemblance to the French liqueur, chartreuse is a yellow green color that sits between yellow and green in the color wheel.  Chartreuse is a vivid color that combines the vitality of green with the energy and optimism of yellow. It is thus associated with healing, good health, and a healthy lifestyle.

The Chartreuse Vase Collection from Soul2Soul is currently on sale for the Hello Tuesday event which ends June 6th.  After that you can find it at the main store.

Have yourself a chartreuse kind of day…full of energy and optimism!



Soul2Soul @ Hello Tuesday

Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Ribbed Vase
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Tall Vase
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Tealight
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Wooden Vase

*LODE* – Diana Bottle with Grass II

Apple Fall – Botanical Prints

KraftWork – Winchester Spring Collection – Shelf B

{anc} cover stool (white)

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