Tropical Paradise

Featuring Bricolage and Soul2Soul

After living on our homestead parcel for so long I had forgotten how quickly people come and go on regular regions.  Me, I like to get somewhere and stay put!  It has been fun watching them build and decorate only to log in the next day and find it completely gone or a totally new house.  That part I get though!  Finding the perfect house to fit the land and your vision is a must!  Another important tool for living on multi parcel regions…Derender and blacklist! Laughs!  Don’t like a neighbors house or landscaping? Poof, it’s gone….and to anyone still using those old parcel privacy screens…just stop.  That won’t stop anyone from camming in if they really want to.  Just set your parcel so others can’t see in and you’re good to go and if you’re trying to hide your neighbors even uglier decor…remember…derender and blacklist!  You’re welcome!

Today I am featuring the beautiful Mango Outdoor Room from Bricolage and the Provence Lavender and Bougainvillea Pots from Soul2Soul.  Check out the credits for details and where to find them!




Coastal Magazines
Giant Split Leaf Philodendron Plant
Mango Lantern
Mango Lantern
Mango Pergola
Mango Rattan Armchair
Mango Rattan Coffee Table
Mango Sectional Sofa
Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan
Potted Banana Tree
Seashell Collection II

Soul2Soul @ Cosmopolitan

Provence Bougainvillea Pot Set
Provence Lavender Pot Set

.:revival:. – Sisal Rug

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