Low Tide At Coral Cove

Featuring +Half-Deer+ and TLC Animals

More goodies from Summerfest today!  Half-Deer has a variety of Miniature Floating boats with styles including floating paper boats, paper sailboats, candle boats and the one I am showing here, the Miniature Houseboat.  Each style comes with a floating version as well as a static version.  I love these along my shore line and will be leaving them out as part of my beach decor.

From TLC Animals comes this gorgeous Toucan.  It has several colorful texture options and includes a version on a perch.  They also have sound and let me tell you, my dogs went wild!  I’m sure my little one thought it was an animal in distress…her favorite thing, naughty girl.  These colorful toucans are perfect for any beach!



 +Half-Deer+ – Floating Miniature Houseboat @ Summerfest

TLC Animals – Toucan Collection @ Summerfest


Digitate Corals I
 Yellow Pencil Coral
SPurple Stylophora Coral I
Trachyphylia Corals

Studio SkyeSkye Twin Palm

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