Slip Into Something Wet

Featuring Trompe Loeil and DaD Virtual Living

What do they call a title like that?  Clickbait?  *laughs*  Well you’re here now so may as well read on!

Today I am featuring the Azores Tropical Pool from Trompe Loeil.  It comes in Adult and PG versions. Trompe Loeil always does an amazing job on these tropical pool builds and I should know I have a bunch of them!  This one is available at The Fifty.

I am also featuring the beautiful Tropical Palm Shrubs from DaD Virtual Living. These are perfect for all of us who live on the beaches of Second Life and they are ON SALE for Happy Weekend!!  They have animation and sound that can be turned on and off on touch as well as a resizer.  There is also a HUD with seasonal options as well as color options for the flowers.  You can find these at the main store.



DaD Virtual Living – Tropical Palm Shrubs

 Trompe Loeil

Azores Tropical Pool @ The Fifty
Corazon Palm Chair Natural
Ndari Hanging Chair + Lights

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