Take Time For Yourself

Featuring Shutterfield / DJ.SF

I was recently invited to participate in a fresh, new idea as far as blogging goes.  At least I thought it was fresh and new.  The basic idea works the same as most blogging but with one big difference.  You get to choose the items you want to blog from the participating creators.  They can be old items, new items or a mix of both.  There are “rules” but they are extremely easy to follow and they remove the stress of the usual deadlines. It allows for so much more creativity and this photo came together so quickly in part because it was items I got to choose because the inspired me.  It definitely helps if you are a blogger who can visualize an idea in your head as you are making choices.  There are a bunch of great creators out there who make great stuff. Sure it might not all be original mesh but that doesn’t mean thought, time and love didn’t go into it…just like blogging really….we don’t make the items but we do put a lot of thought, time and love into our photos…and if you aren’t, you probably shouldn’t be blogging.

If you are a Home & Garden creator and are interested in learning more about A Builders & Bloggers Collaboration (B&B) you can contact Heavenly Villa, owner of Shutter Field and co-owner of DJ.SF and founder of the B&B group.

In this photo I am featuring items I chose from Shutter Field and DJ.SF, some of which are group gifts, so you definitely want to take a look.  Details are in the credits!  Have a great day!



Shutter Field / DJ.SF

SF Messy Urn Planter v1
SF Vintage Spring Flowers
SF Garden Basket (Group Gift)
SF Garden Dresser 2020 (Group Gift)
DJ.SF Vintage Chair – Wood


Flower Hanging White
Flower Hanging Yellow


Shrub – green
Shrub – pink

LOVE – Summer Dreams Meadow


Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Stool
Nutmeg. Valance

hive – Hanging Bougainvillea Plant

tarte. – Church Greenhouse

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