Beach Picnic – Home of the Original “Sand-wich”

Featuring Bricolage

Today I am featuring the Mojo Beach Party from Bricolage. There are three pieces to the collection and they are all on sale for the SL Home Decor Weekend. Yes, the weekend is over but I can confirm that as of this writeup (Monday afternoon) that the items are still on sale. The Mojo Pillows come in Adult or PG versions and are texture change as well. The Mojo Umbrella is texture change and the the Mojo Table is also texture change and includes select decor pieces.

Have a beachy day!




Lime Freeze
Mojo Pillows
Mojo Table
Mojo Umbrella
Shell 1
Shell 2
Shell 3
Shell 4
Shell 5
Strawberry Cooler
Watermelon Platter
Watermelon Slush

{What Next}

Summertime Radio Decor
Caliente BBQ
Caliente Burger Plate (blue)
Caliente Hotdog Plate (lime)
Caliente Kebabs & Corn Plate – decor only (melon)
Caliente Kebabs & Corn Plate – decor only (red)
Palisades BBQ Condiment

Headhunter’s Island

Coconut – single – MESH
Coconut collection sack 1
Coconut collection sack 2
Coconuts – three
Falling coconuts sign

The Little Branch

Bottle Palm – Animated
CrispyGrass – Animated

.peaches. – Beachin’ Bag Clutter – Dotted

Studio Skye – Beach Dune

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms-Groves

Las Islas – Naimesh Hibiscus

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