Dramatic? Save It For The Theatre!

Featuring Glam Affair, ANDORE, alme., versuta. and Apple Blossom

Drama does not just walk into your life.
Either you create it, invite it,
or associate with it.

Some of us can say we “don’t do drama” and put something in our Second Life profiles stating the same but only some of us actually mean it. I see posts in some Facebook groups, SL and RL, where the same people are always in a dither about something. Newsflash people….it’s not them, it’s you…..ok, maybe it’s them AND you but if you don’t want to be involved in drama, then don’t. People like to act like that’s a hard thing to do but it’s not. In my 11+ years in SL, I have only been involved in two events that might have had some dramatic moments. One in my very first year of SL where I learned people are not always who they say they are (didn’t we all have to learn that lesson) and then a few years back when I couldn’t hold my tongue in regards to how a friend was being treated. Looking back, the first one was just an eye opening learning experience and the second…well I would do that all over again because some people just need to hear some truths about themselves sometimes! Even then though, I said my peace and then let it go. So don’t be a drama llama!

Today I am featuring more great stuff from the current round of The Fifty, a pose from versuta., nails from alme., a gorgeous skin from Glam Affair, septum piercing from ANDORE and top from Apple Blossom. Ok, the top from Apple Blossom was from the last round of The Fifty but I didn’t get to squeeze it in so want to give it a special shout out now. All the details are in the credits! Happy shopping!


What I’m wearing

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Head – LeLutka – Fleur

Skin – Glam Affair – Pam The Fifty

Shape – By Me

Eyes – Avi-Glam – Lover’s Eyes

Face & Body Moles – Izzie’s 

Hair – Doux– Francesca

Top – Apple Blossom – Chobbs Top

Bikini Bottom – Blueberry – Adrianna Bikini Bottom

Nails – alme. – Summer Lines Mesh Nails The Fifty

Septum – ANDORE – Daro Septum The Fifty

Sunglasses – Avanti – Aina Shades

Drink – hive – Summer Snowcones


versuta. – Salty – Pose 5  The Fifty

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