Fairy Folk

Featuring Serenity Style

Little People’s Market

Come and buy-
Hear my cry-
Elves and fairies, come and buy!
I have cobweb-lace in plenty,
Mushroom-parasols are twenty,
Lady-slippers, fairy-shoon
Fit for dancing in the moon,
Squares of moss for pixie mats,
Hollyhocks for nixie hats,
Acorn-cups for goblin tea-
Won’t you come and buy of me?

-Dorothy Brown Thompson

This poem comes from one of my favorite vintage children’s books, The Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies. Growing up I loved to visit my aunts house. It was full of treasures and trinkets, books and dolls and every visit I would ask her to tell me the story about the day she saw a fairy in a peach tree. She swears she did and even when I was an adult she told the story with the exact same details every time. True story or not doesn’t matter all these many years later. She instilled a love and fascination in fairy stories and art in myself, my sister and my many cousins who were always delighted by her love of fairies and her love for us. My Aunt Fay…surely she has wings of her own now.



Serenity Style – Enchantment Mushrooms (for Wanderlust Weekend August 13th & 14th)


Bush-a (GT04/flower)
Garden Tree04 – flower two colors

LOVE – Fluffball Grass

Brixley – Fairy Garden Sign

Dust Bunny – Fairy House – Red

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