Cold Drink On A Hot Day

Featuring DRD, .spruce. and {Old Barn Door}

I am so excited for my upcoming vacation I am finding it a bit hard to concentrate on anything else. This is not a good thing as I have a few more posts I want to get out this week before I wrap things up until after vacation. Let me just move straight to the credits and keep on going since I am off work today. I would like to get a couple of posts done and ready to go! Have a great day!



DRD – Sangria Bar @ The Fifty

{What Next} – Pineapple Drink Dispenser

.spruce. – Boho Dreams Pillows

{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Lagoon Fence
{OBD} Mysliwiec Adirondack Chair
{OBD} Mysliwiec Table

LOVE – Bougainvillea

{vespertine} – Driftwood Towel Stand

Las Islas – Naimesh Hibiscus

Studio Skye – Driftwood

elev8 – Jasmine Bush

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