Night Comes To The Desert

Featuring Soul2Soul

I’m in love with this space and wish it was in my backyard! It has been quite a while since I have been out west and I would love to go back. There is nothing like a desert sky at night, away from city lights where you can see more stars than you ever knew were there! So beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful, let’s talk about this new release from Soul2Soul. Their work is always impeccable and this set is right up there with my top favorites! This is the Sienna Snug Set and the Sienna Potted Olive Tree Set. The snug set includes the pergola, the old stone stacked wall and the seating area as one piece which makes decorating super easy. The added detail pieces in the set include the coffee table, stool, drinks and snacks. It includes plenty of single and cuddle animations as well.

The Sienna Potted Olive Tree Set includes medium and small potted trees as well as one empty pot. These sun drenched pots go perfectly with the Snug set! The sets are sold individually in case you just need one or the other but you definitely want to go see it all in person. You can find it at Cosmopolitan now and at the main store after the event.




Sienna Pot Large @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Potted Olive Tree Medium @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Potted Olive Tree Small @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Snug @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Snug Coffee Table @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Snug Exotic Juice @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Snug Snacks @ Cosmopolitan
Sienna Snug Stool @ Cosmopolitan
Tuscan Candle short
Tuscan Candle tall
Moritz Books
Rustic Chic Basket w/Magazines

Tiki Tattoo 

Tiki Tattoo – Bush yellow 1
Tiki Tattoo – Cactus 2

Botanical – Prickly Pear Cactus

Granola – Nona Garden Path Concrete

 Trompe Loeil – Moosehead Lake Firepit

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