Dirt Road Memories

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

Most of my best
memories come from
some old dirt road.

Well, this is it. My last post before my vacation. It wasn’t planned that this photo was about memories right when I am about to take off and make new ones but nevertheless, here we are. I also hadn’t planned on making this photo black & white but I blame that on all of the old Twilight Zone episodes I’ve been watching lately. I will admit I sort love how it turned out though.

This is the Les Memoires Harvest Is Coming wagon from DaD Virtual Living. The wagon is loaded with baskets and jugs in preparation for the grape harvest. We’re going to need some cheese to go with all that wine…and crackers…and probably a designated driver. You can see this beautiful piece in person at FaMESHed.

Have a great week ahead. I know I will and will be back to my usual schedule on the 15th! Disney World, here I come!



DaD Virtual Living – Les Memoires Harvest Is Coming @ FaMESHed

[Krescendo]– The Old Stable


Dirt Road – Dark Brown
Garden Tree10

LOVE – Moorland Grass

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