Let’s Stay Home

Featuring {What Next} and Soul2Soul

I am a homebody. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am a homebody. The one exception is vacation. I do enjoy vacation but if I’m not 100’s of miles from home, staying in a hotel and eating 3 meals a day at restaurants, then I just want to be home. This is a far cry from my younger self when I thought nothing of running to Target several times a week and even twice a day if a friend needed a shopping buddy…but not anymore. I get as much done in the least amount of time away from home as I can these days. I’m not a hermit or an introvert, I just like my comfortable home where I can run around in just a t-shirt and shorts, barefooted and plotting my next move be it dinner or laundry. Luckily my part-time job has me in near a Target, Walmart or grocery store 3 days a week, making it easy to pick up what I need without having to run those errands on a day off.

Today I am featuring the Milano Patio Collection and the Milano Potted Plants Set from Soul2Soul. The patio collection includes sofa, chair, coffee table, rug and more. There are also many single and cuddle animations. The plant collection includes 3 assorted potted plants in metal cagework and timber pots. Beautifully textured and styled. You can see both sets in person at Cosmopolitan.

From {What Next}, I am featuring the Boho Hanging Lanterns and the Harvest Cheese Board. The lanterns come in three shapes in versions with and without the hanging string and they are also texture change on touch. The cheese board dispenses a temp-attach plate and wine glass with bento drink and hold glass animations. There is also small plate and wine glass decor version. You can find both items at the main store.




Milano Patio Book Decor @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Patio Chair @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Patio Coffee Table @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Patio Pouf @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Patio Sisal Rug @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Patio Sofa @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Patio Vase @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Dracaena Plant @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Peperomia Plant @ Cosmopolitan
Milano Zamioculca Plant @ Cosmopolitan
Diana Muslin Curtain
Honey Dreams Leaning Mirrors

{What Next}

Boho Lanterns
Harvest Cheese Board


Chinese Paper Lantern Branches
Gilded Sunburst Mirror

Serenity Style – Mediterranean Porch

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