The Winds of Change

Featuring Oh Deer!

Listen! The wind is
rising, and the
air is wild with
leaves, we have
had our summer
evenings, now for
October eves.

– Humbert Wolfe

Today I am featuring 2 adorable die-cut weathervanes from Oh Deer! Oh said they had to go on a rooftop, right? I mean the wind blows everywhere and these make beautiful flowerbed decoration. Against the Wind features a lone female whose umbrella is about to get away from her and The Struggle features two men dealing with the wind as one leans into it and the other struggling to keep his umbrella intact. You can find both of these at the main store. While you are there take a look around and you will find a adorable Halloween die-cut featuring a witch and her cat sitting on a tree limb. So cute!

By the way…it’s official. Happy first day of fall!



Oh Deer! 

Love in Vane: Against the Wind
Love in Vane: The Struggle

DISORDERLY – Falling for Pumpkins Buckets

Dust Bunny – Rocking Chair

tarte. – Falling Leaves

{What Next} – Hello Fall Welcome Mat w/leaves


Autumn Bush Border – Orange
Autumn Swept Grass
Bare Autumn Tree – Natural
Filler Bush – Autumn

HPMD – Autumn Stump

Jian – Cat Collection

Barnesworth Anubis – Monhegan Tinyhouse

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