Same Old Me Again Today – Revisited

Back in 2019 I did a blog post titled “Same Old Me Again Today” that was basically a post that covered all of the things I wear on a daily basis. I would reference back to that post as a time saver instead of constantly listing the same things over and over. I updated that post in 2020 when I switched skins but once again, a good bit has changed since then, as I finally made the move to a Lelutka head…a few of them in fact while I played around with getting a look that felt like me. I have grown into my new head and skin and figured I would update all the “standards” I wear consistently so that I can once again go back to referencing them in future posts. Let’s get to it!

Shape – My own

Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – LeLutka Fleur. 

Skin – Glam Affair – Snow in Velour’s Rose Kiss Shade.  I wear the matching Ipanema body skin from Velour.

Face and Body Moles – These are from Izzie’s.  Love them and love Izzie’s.  She has a lot of great body effect items as well as cosmetics. (Didn’t have to change a thing here. Still wearing these faves.)

Eyeshadow – Too many to list but it’s usually something from IDTTY, Warpaint or Shiny Stuffs. In this photo I am wearing IDTTY Cheers!

Lipstick – Current go-to faves are Beaumore Bling and Tutti Belli Seduction. I wear a good bit of IDTTY lipstick as well. I am wearing Tutti Belli Seduction in this photo.

Eyes – Avi-Glam…forever.  Heartbreak or Vivid…fatpacks! (No changes here either!)

Nails – I almost exclusively wear the Mix & Match nails from e.marie.

Lashes and hair base used are just what is included in with the Lelutka head purchase and my brows are included with the Glam Affair skin.

And there you have it…all of the details in a nice tidy post that I can reference back to in future posts.

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