Furry Friends

Featuring HILO

To steal a line from Finding Nemo, squirrels are friends, not food! That should be a mantra for my dogs who think the squirrels that run along the back fence line are anything but friends. The squirrels are great at teasing them too, knowing just how far they have to keep those furry tails out of reach.

We have made it to the weekend and that means great shopping deals one of which happens to be my featured item. HILO, the new fashion line from the creator behind KOPFKINO, has released a few items now and they have all been amazing and this newest one just beautiful. This is the Charlotte Blouse which comes in three different HUD controlled color packs; Patterns, Solid Darks and Solid Brights. You also get two fits of each shirt, a tight waist and a loose waist so you can match it with your favorite jean and skirts without clipping issues. Best of all, each pack is available for only 60L during the Happy Weekend Sale.

You definitely need to go try the demo to see what a great fit this blouse has and to check out all the details. The fabric gathering and folds are so well done and there is even an intricate lace detail on the covered buttons. So, so pretty! Head over to the main store to grab your favorite color pack…or at 60L, grab all three!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi– Raya Beret Edition

Top – HILO – Charlotte Blouse

Skirt – Blueberry – Elise Denim Skirt

Ring – KUNGLERS – Hayden Rings

Earrings – RAWR! – Kirsty Human Earrings

Jian – King Charles Spaniel – Tri-color


Lyrium – Arya Static – Pose 2 (Arm modified by held dog)


Jian – Squirrel

HPMD– Shrub Yellow

LOVE – Wild Country Grass

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