Keep A Weather Eye On The Horizon

Featuring Aleutia

I’ve been keeping an eye on the active weather in the Atlantic and Hurricane Ian working it’s way closer to land and, in addition to local residents, who I hope stay safe, I am also feeling for my fellow Disney friends who have trips planned this week. September is when I have always traveled to Disney and thankfully I have never had a trip affected by a hurricane even though it is prime season for them. (Knock on wood!) Hopefully just having a good bit of rain is the worst they have to deal with inland. Stay safe Florida friends!!

Today I am featuring Dima, the new release from Aleutia. The Dima Top and Shorts are sold separately or in fatpacks or both pieces with all the texture options in a megapack. I love the deconstructed legwork on the shorts! Perfect little outfit to say goodbye to summer with…or, if like me, you live on an island where it’s always sunny, you can use it all year long! Beach weather 24/7 365 for the win!!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Toxic

Top – [Aleutia]– Dima Top Uber

Shorts – [Aleutia]– Dima Shorts Uber


FOXCITY – Drift – Pose 1

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