Let’s Eat, Drink & Be Scary

Featuring Raindale, InsurreKtion and Sari-Sari

I had so much fun with this photo especially because the scene was set in stages while I waited for a few items to be received from sponsors and it turned out exactly as I envisioned! Gotta love when that happens!

I wrote about this before but I think it needs mentioned again, simply because it is working out so well. I was invited to participate in a group that had a new idea for blogging. It is the Builder & Blogger Collaborative and the basic way it works is that we get to choose our items from the creators entire body of work, be it new releases or old. It certainly gets the creative juices flowing when you can just look around and see what inspires and how you could mix and match this and that from other sponsors. A pet peeve of mine is when bloggers just throw random things together in a post simply to meet a quota. If you are having to do that to meet deadlines, you should rethink your commitments….and that’s just my 2 cents!

So our new creator list came out for the B&B group and Raindale was on the list for this month so I was excited to go see what might inspire me. I didn’t have to look far because these adorable Blightbury Ghosts caught my eye right away. I sent a note to the creator and in a short time she passed them to me. In the meantime, I had started setting up the scene I wanted to use them in, which included the Dinner in Black set from InsurreKtion and the new release from Sari-Sari of the super cute Halloween Lanterns available at Anthem. You can find all the particulars in the credits.

If you are a home & garden blogger or a home & garden creator and would like to participate in the B&B group or just get more information please contact Heavenly Villa, owner of Shutter Field and DJ.SF. In my opinion it’s a great way for creators to get exposure on their older items in addition to their new releases and inspires more creativity.




[IK] Dinner in Black – Armchair
[IK] Dinner in Black – Black cake
[IK] Dinner in Black – Bowl of cherries
[IK] Dinner in Black – Bowl of chocolates
[IK] Dinner in Black – Bowl of strawberries
[IK] Dinner in Black – Chair
[IK] Dinner in Black – Plate of desserts
[IK] Dinner in Black – Plate of fruits
[IK] Dinner in Black – Table
[IK] Dinner in Black – Tableware

Sari-Sari Anthem

Ghost Lantern (Floor)
Ghost Lantern (Pathway)
Pumpkin Lantern (Pathway)


Blightbury ghost (balloon L)
Blightbury ghost (cupcakes)
Blightbury ghost (lantern R)
Blightbury ghost (lollipops – black)

Star Sugar

Garden Pumpkin Blowup
Ghost Figurine
Vintage Streamers

Heart Garden Center – Giant Black Oak Module Copse

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