A Wee Bit Wicked

Featuring Lyrium and Ecru Couture

I am loving all of the Fall and Halloween pictures I have been seeing across my Flickr feed. Some of my fellow residents are just so creative and talented. I was happy to see Flickr finally give us a “virtual photography” category because if you followed the old rule you were to tag it as a screenshot and what we do is so much more than a screenshot. This might be a good time to reminder any readers that admin a Flickr group to make sure you change the settings to allow virtual photography. I still come across a handful that haven’t made that change yet.

Today I am featuring Coco, a new release from Ecru Couture. It’s super cute and sexy with it’s plunging neckline and yes, it does hang off one shoulder so if you want to wear it out in public you will need to be selective with your hairstyle! You can find it at The New Ones, a fairly new event that introduces new and established designers showcasing their creations to make your Second Life pretty.

I am also featuring Flora, a new pose set from Lyrium. This one is still available at its Saturday Sale price if you hurry over. It is part of the new Barely Here Breathing Series and Flora includes 3 breathing stands including curvy options and 3 static poses with curvy options and mirrors. Perfect for photos and your AO!

Have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Miyeon

Romper – Ecru Couture – Coco @ The New Ones

Barrettes – Cae – Trick or Treat Barrettes

Arm Cuff – MICHAN – Riana Armlets


Lyrium – Flora Static – Pose 3


Minimal – Bakery Backdrop

FIN – Vintage Halloween Pumpkins

Star Sugar – Wall Vintage Cat

DaD Virtual Living – Climbing Ivy

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