He Had Regrets After Calling Her A Handful

Featuring Serenity Style, Aleutia, Sweet Art and Dead Doll

I am still laughing over the title of this post and how it relates to the photo. I hope at least one of my readers finds it half as amusing as me! I am featuring a mix of fashion and decor today, all with items that you can find at Satan Inc. Some are the event exclusive and others are the prizes you can get when you spend a set amount event wide.

The quick rundown; my outfit is the Wanda Skeletal Skirt and Top from Aleutia, Batglasses from Dead Doll and Mouth Tag from Sweet Art. Decor items include The Crypt (showing 3) from Serenity Style as well as the prize item from Serenity, The Haunted Chair.

Be sure to shop early so you can get all of your Halloween goodies before the holiday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi – Hanami Windblown Hair

Skirt – [Aleutia] – Skeletal Skirt @ Satan Inc.

Top – [Aleutia] – Skeletal Top @ Satan Inc.

Fishnets – Addams – Zoe Fishnet

Glasses – Dead Doll – Batglasses @ Satan Inc.

Mouth Tag – Sweet ArtSatan Inc.


Stun Poses – Nanno – Pose 4


Serenity Style  @ Satan Inc.

The Crypt
The Haunted Chair

 +Half-Deer+ – Spooky Ghost Cat – Trick or Treat

Foxwood – Skeleton Pup

GET STUFF – Skeleton Pack


Autumn Bush Border
Autumn Swept Grass

Heart Garden Center – Wildflowers – Fly Honeysuckle Bush – Autumn Yellow

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