Sorry Linus! I Killed It!

Featuring ViSion, Veechi and RAWR!

I grew up watching It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and it just sickens me that it won’t be shown on PBS this year. Apple TV+ has had exclusive streaming rights since 2020 but they had made an agreement to allow it to be shown on PBS after there was major pushback but apparently that deal has ended. I am so happy that I own the entire Peanuts Collection on DVD but I can’t help but feel sad that Apple TV’s gain is societys loss and that a bunch of little kids won’t grow up knowing anything about the Great Pumpkin, getting rocks while trick or treating, mishaps with scissors or Snoopy’s troubles behind enemy lines.

There is a small bright spot and that is that Apple TV+ will let you watch if for free but only from October 28-31st. Just download the app and search for It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and you should be able to watch it during those dates.

Anyhoo…I’m going straight to the credits from here. Have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram– K0925

Bodysuit – ViSion – Siella Bodysuit @ Belleza Gen. X Event

Jeans – ViSion – Siella Jeans @ Belleza Gen. X Event

Nails – Veechi – Candy Corn Gels @ Satan Inc.

Earrings – RAWR! – Swan Earrings @ Satan Inc.


Diversion  – Pumpkin Spice – Pose 6 (includes pumpkin)


Heart Garden Center

Autumn Path
Autumn Leaves


All other decor credits can be found in the post here.

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