Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar

Featuring {Old Barn Door}, {What Next}, DRD and MudHoney

Clearly I played around a bit with the coloring on this photo but I wanted to give it a true vintage feel, like a color plate from a vintage book. I collect vintage children’s books and the artwork is just beautiful and unlike anything you find in today’s books.

I am featuring the Jude Farmhouse Hutch and accessories, a new release from Old Barn Door, the Acorn Cookie Jar from What Next and the Chubby Ghosts from MudHoney, both a steal at only 50L at FLF-o-Ween and the Autumn Shelf, a gift from DRD also available at FLF-o-Ween. Landmarks and more info is in the credits!



Apple Fall

Apple Fall Pottery Dining Chair
Apple Fall Pottery Dining Table
Apple Fall Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

DISORDERLY – Natures Bounty / Loose Acorns / Big Group

DRD – Autumn Shelf @ FLF-o-Ween


MH Chubby Ghost Lamp Angry
MH Chubby Ghost Lamp Kissy
MH Chubby Ghost Lamp Laughing
MH Chubby Ghost Lamp Surprised
MH Chubby Ghost Lamp Unamused

Mori. – Hanging Lights


Nutmeg. Plum Harvest Framed Art (modified)
Nutmeg. Pumpkin Harvest


Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – Green 03
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – Orange 02
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – Orange 05
Pitaya – Decorative pumpkins – White 05

{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Jude Basket
{OBD} Jude Candle Dome
{OBD} Jude Cellars
{OBD} Jude Creamer
{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Frame
{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Hutch – Navy
{OBD} Jude Measuring Cups
{OBD} Jude Plant
{OBD} Jude Plates
{OBD} Jude Storage Bottles
{OBD} Jude Storage Canisters
{OBD} Jude Storage Jars
{OBD} LACE DOILY (6 Textures)

{What Next}FLF-o-Ween

{wn} Acorn Cookie Jar
{wn} Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookie Stand

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