Fireside Chats

Featuring Soul2Soul, {What Next} and .spruce.

I love this cozy room and I love that sometimes I can see just a couple of items and a whole scene fills my head. This photo was inspired by two things, the new Honey Moonlight set from Soul2Soul and the Soup & Sandwich from {What Next}. I am not a big fan of tomato soup on its own but add in a delicious grilled cheese and the magic happens.

The Honey Moonlight Set includes the chaise, floor lamp, lanterns, trunk and more. The chaise throw and cushion have a choice of texture options along with many cuddles and singles bento animations. You can see it in person at Cosmopolitan. I have also used several other pieces from Soul2Soul and especially love the Chelsea Curtains with their beautiful fall leaves. Location landmarks for all items are in the credits.

The Soup & Sandwich are a Fifty Linden Friday item from What Next so you want to be sure to grab those while they are on sale. You get two texture versions that have optional steam and they also dispense a bowl of soup to hold and a sandwich that include an eat animation. Super cute and perfect for a chilly fall day or evening.

Add in some cozy rugs and pillows from .spruce. and you have a space anyone would want to linger in. The rugs are from the Boho Runner Rug collection and the pillows are from the Accent Pillow collection. You can find them both at the main store.

Happy Saturday!




Honey Moonlight Book & Coffee Decor @ Cosmopolitan
Honey Moonlight Chaise Lounge @ Cosmopolitan
Honey Moonlight Driftwood Floor Lamp @ Cosmopolitan
Honey Moonlight Lantern Lrg @ Cosmopolitan
Honey Moonlight Lantern Sml @ Cosmopolitan
Honey Moonlight Trunk @ Cosmopolitan
Chelsea Curtains Dbl Leaves
Artisan Log Holder
Honey Dreams Cabinet
Rustic Chic Basket w/Magazines
Rustic Chic Mason Jar Twigs Sml
Tuscan Fireplace

{What Next} – Soup & Sandwich – Wood


Accent Pillow Collection {blue 3}
Accent Pillow Collection {neutral 2}
Boho Runner Rugs

[Krescendo] – Stargazer Cabin Stool – Silver

+Half-Deer+ – Metal Leaf Vines – Red

Nutmeg (Reka) – Magazines Stack Group Gift

HPMD – Garden Tree10 -B

Florix/Pitaya – Autumn Feel Rug and Pillows Blue (showing pillows only)

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