November Traditions

Featuring InsurreKtion and Hearth

If you live in the US, you probably celebrate Thanksgiving. The history we all learned in elementary school about the Pilgrims and Indians having a peaceful feast may not reflect the actual history but that would be nothing new.

As we grow up, and older, I don’t think any of us even think of Thanksgiving as it relates to history, but instead we focus on family, food and things we are thankful for in our lives. Oh…and Black Friday! I know that is always on people’s minds here in the states this time of year. It also carries over to the Second Life residents, regardless of where they may live in the real world, because everyone loves a good sale!!

Today I am featuring two new releases from InsurreKtion and both are available at We Love Roleplay. The Medieval Baking Set includes delicious treats of all kinds and the Medieval Stews Set includes some of the most tasty looking soup in bread bowls that I have seen in Second Life. I mean look at all those carbs!! What’s not to love.

I love turkey at Thanksgiving and this table is no exception. This time though, he got to keep his feathers and is the centerpiece of the table…not the meal! The Thankful Turkey is from Hearth by DFS and is available at the Orsy Event. Keep an eye out for his more colorful brother who will be making an appearance at eBento tomorrow.

Happy shopping!



InsurreKtion @ We Love Roleplay

[IK] Medieval Baking Set – Blackberry Pies
[IK] Medieval Baking Set – Gugelhupf
[IK] Medieval Baking Set – Hot Cross Buns
[IK] Medieval Baking Set – Meat Pies
[IK] Medieval Baking Set – Mince Pies
[IK] Medieval Baking Set – Sufganiyah
[IK] Medieval Stews Set – Beef Stew
[IK] Medieval Stews Set – Mushrooms Stew
[IK] Medieval Stews Set – Pumpkin Cream
[IK] Medieval Stews Set – Salmon Stew
[IK] Medieval Stews Set – Tomato Soup

Hearth – Thankful Turkey – Harvest Wood @ Orsy Event

DaD Virtual Living

DaD “Copper Baking Molds”
DaD “Copper Cookware Molds”

Apple Fall

West Village Americana Bunting
Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles

Merak – Rolling pins Storage (White)

{vespertine} – Kitchen Crate / Herbs

*PAN * – Basic Butter Churn

*Pixel Mode Fall Harvest Hanging Log Lights – Not Available*

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