A Cold Morning Commute

Featuring Serenity Style

In my last post I talked about missing the Michigan snow around the holidays but just working on this photo made me think maybe I don’t miss it that much! *Laughs* It’s bad enough that I still have to start my car early some mornings to let the defroster clear up the windows so I definitely don’t miss having to also scrape snow and ice from them too. Some mornings you had to brush the entire car off with a broom! Yeah, I don’t miss that at all!

Today I am featuring the Urban Bus Stop, a new release from Serenity Style. The Urban Bus Stop comes in two versions and each version has snow or no snow options. Also included is the bus stop platform, bench, flying papers, street lamp and the trash can. You can find it at The Liaison Collaborative, opening on the 18th at 12 noon, SLT.

Stay warm!



Serenity Style The Liaison Collaborative

Bus Stop platform with snow
Urban Bus Stop Flying Papers
Urban Bus Stop Paper Bin
Urban Bus Stop Street Lamp
Urban Bus Stop [PLAIN WITH SNOW ]
Urban bus stop bench


HPMD* Garden Tree07 – snowy
HPMD* Shrub – snowy
HPMD* Snowy rocks in the forest


Douglas Fir
Groundcover Snowy

.Lunaria. – Snow Dusted Grass

TLC Animals – Pigeons

Dysfunctionality – Swaying Leafy Bush

Harshlands– Old Stone Fountain

{What Next} – Flakey the Snowman

*Metro City Bus – Version no longer available*

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