Farewell 2022, Hello 2023

Here we are. The first day of 2023 and with the start of a fresh new year I have decided to make some changes. I want to try new things, in my RL and in Second Life and so I have decided to go into semi-retirement with blogging. I won’t be posting regularly (or at all) on WordPress but you will still find me on Flickr.

I am fortunate to have a handful of sponsors that allow me VIP status and those are the ones I will continue to support with my limited time for blogging. I will also still cover some events I love and am always inspired by. One thing I have never lacked is inspiration. I may not have always had much to say with each post but I never seemed to suffer from “blogger’s block” so I look forward to continue sharing my visions with you on Flickr.

In addition to working with some great teams and creators in Second Life, I am also going to dabble in making shapes. Now I have been making shapes forever and in my almost 12 years in Second Life I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have bought a shape…but my hubby says I make “pretty Barbies” and I have custom made a few in the past so I’m going to see where that takes me. Shapes are a pretty saturated market in SL, but not all of them are created equal. Only time will tell if the Second Life residents agree with my hubby. I’ve created a Marketplace and currently have 3 shapes available and I’ve actually seen some sales…so I’m excited to see where it goes and if it goes no where, that’s OK because like my blogging was always for me first, so is this. You can check out my store, Face In The Crowd, here if you want to take a look!

I would like to now thank you, my faithful readers, you know who you are and I was always appreciative that you took the time to read and/or like one of my rambling posts. Thank you to all the sponsors I’ve had along the way. You were all amazingly kind and so talented. I am proud to say I never left any team on bad terms, I never took anything I didn’t blog and I never asked for an extension. So after 4 1/2 years and 1276 posts, I will just say bye for now and see you real soon…on Flickr. 💕

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