A Breath Of Fresh Air

Featuring ALT3 at The Fifty

Here I am with an unexpected post! My original idea when working on a post today was to save it for Monday but this mask, which I love, is on sale this weekend! It’s not anything practical but it was original and cute and worked great with my sponsored item.

Speaking of sponsored item, let me fill you in. It is the Daisy Chain Eye Enhancement from ALT3 and is available at The Fifty. It comes in 2 different versions and includes an optional eyeshadow layer. Head over to The Fifty to see all the goodies for this round!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Luca

Eyes – Tville – Opale Eyes @ Uber

Eyeshadow – ALT3 – Daisy Chain Eye Enhancement The Fifty

Tentacio – Daisy Crown

CuteCvlt – Plant Mask


Lyrium – Daisy – Static Pose 1


LOVE – Sunshine Meadow – White Daisy

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