Crossing That Bridge When You Come To It

Featuring +Half-Deer+

Today I am featuring a couple of new releases from Half-Deer. This is the Arched Bridge which comes in a variety of colors so it can work in any landscape be it the beach or woods. Also available are these pretty Water Lilies and Lilypads. They come in a variety of colors and each color includes several shapes. Both the bridge and Water Lilies + Lilypads come in discounted fatpacks. You can find them at The Fifty. Happy shopping!



+Half-Deer+ @ The Fifty

Arched Bridge – Painterly White
Water Lilies + Lilypads

Mesh Plants – Frangipani Rubra – Apricot

DaD Virtual Living – Mediterranean Palm Trees

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms

Alirium – Itchy Grass

Las Islas – Naimesh Naupaka

Studio Skye – Skye Waterfall Water

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