Good Mornings Are Full Of Sunshine

Featuring Cheeky Pea

My morning was happily filled with sunshine and as it was a day off I was up bright and early (though that is the norm for me) and watched the Survivor finale and aftershow while sipping coffee and eating a toasted bagel. Then I got some SL work related things done and worked on this photo. Then I went out and filled my little, one person pool that is just the right size for me to catch a bit of sun without burning up from the heat. Now I just need to get this photo posted and then move on to a few things that need done around the house. All in all it has been a great day!

Today I am featuring a new set from Cheeky Pea. This is the Bikube Bedset and it includes the bed, in your choice of adult or pg, lantern, hanging light, vase, star chain and more. You can find it at Tres Chic as well as a gift to celebrate Tres Chic’s anniversary round. Check the credits for all of the details!



Cheeky Pea @ Tres Chic

:CP: Bikube Bed
:CP: Bikube Birdcage Lantern
:CP: Bikube Hanging Light
:CP: Bikube Hanging Star Chain
:CP: Bikube Poetic Vase
:CP: Bikube Rugs


Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Stool
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Tray
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Wooden Chest
Nutmeg. Draped Table Set
Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Drapes
Nutmeg. Valance

Apple Fall– Hetton Barn Conversion

 Just Animals – Calico Cat Lying

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