Candy Girl

Featuring Vinyl Apparel and Sweet Art Be a fun seeker, not a fun "sucker"! Today I am blogging another pose from the Pose Fair Market.  This one is from Sweet Art and is actually the free gift for this round.  You get the pose, its mirror and the lollipop prop.  Be sure to check out… Continue reading Candy Girl


Oil Slick

Featuring *SK* This dress!!  Just look at the sheen on that texture.  *SK* really knocked this one out of the park.  It's the perfect dress to put on and head out to your favorite Second Life club for a night of dancing.  The way the lights reflect off of this thing is crazy..in a completely… Continue reading Oil Slick

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Girls On Film

Featuring Meva and Lyrium Poses Taking it back to the 80's a bit here when there was no such thing as DVD's and blue ray.  I remember clearly going to the video store to pick out 2-3 tapes to watch with my friends and if you were looking for a new release you better hope… Continue reading Girls On Film