It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Featuring MudHoney and DaD Virtual Living When I was young most of my reading was done via comic books.  My sister and I loved to read while we ate and rotated through our favorite comic books; anything from the Archie series, Hot Stuff, Spooky, Wendy, the Good Little Witch, Casper, Richie Rich and Little Dot. … Continue reading It Was A Dark And Stormy Night


Snow Birds

Featuring PosEd Poses  Everyone, meet Snow!  Snow, meet everyone....yes, that is really her avatar name.  Snow is my mini me and she doesn't get out much but it's winter and doesn't every child love winter!   After she ran around the house eating every cookie in sight and shook every present under the tree and gave… Continue reading Snow Birds

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The Swing

Featuring Sway's I love swings!  Have I mentioned that before?  I don't think I have but I have loved swings my whole life.  The summer I turned 10 we moved to an old farmhouse on four acres and when I say old I mean old...from the late 1800's.  My mother still lives there and this… Continue reading The Swing