Featuring DaD Virtual Living and Soul2Soul There is no greaterluxury thansustainability. -Unknown Can you believe this entire photo, aside from the rug and background structure, is done using items from just two different creators?  That almost never happens with decor blogging!! Up first is the Bamboo Room Divider from DaD Virtual Living.  These are just… Continue reading Sustainability


Bamboo Breezes

Featuring Luc. Boutique and DaD Virtual Living Ok...I am SO in love with this scene..and how could I not be!?  Just look at these beautiful creations!  The hanging orchid and sprigs from Luc. Boutique are now the most favorite hanging plant in my inventory.  I had the idea of mixing items from these two creators… Continue reading Bamboo Breezes

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Do They Eat Bamboo Too?

Featuring Sway's I'm squeezing in a second post today because I just found out these super cute Panda Flowerpots by Sway's are going to be out tomorrow for the Fifty Linden Friday sale. I love panda's and I know there are other panda fans who won't want to miss the sale tomorrow!  Not a panda… Continue reading Do They Eat Bamboo Too?