Be Mine

Featuring Lyrium, cheezu, Fetch, GOREGLAM and SAYO More goodies from Cupid Inc. today, in fact you can find all but one of my sponsored items there.  I mentioned yesterday that there was SO much cute stuff this round and I am still sifting through all of it, making notes of what things I want to… Continue reading Be Mine


Enjoy The Night

Featuring Dead Doll We enjoy the night,the darkness,where we can do thingsthat aren't acceptable in the light.Night is when we slakeour thirst. -William Hill I'm going to make this your last call to visit Satan Inc. and snatch up all of the Halloween goodies before the event ends on November 1st. I am featuring the… Continue reading Enjoy The Night


Coffee & Carbs

Featuring Serenity Style Coffee and carbs!  What's not to love?!  I could make a meal out of a french baguette and be perfectly happy and of course no morning would be complete without coffee.  I've recently been brewing a pot on these chilly mornings and quite enjoying it.  In the summer it is just too… Continue reading Coffee & Carbs



Featuring  Bunyi & Thistle, ChiMia, MudHoney, Mithral Apothecary, Pitaya, Second Spaces, *barberyumyum*, Cynful, Maxi Gossamer and Lyrium There's a reasonwe don't see theworld in blackand white. - Celerie Kemble And just like that, I am back from "vacation".  I had a lovely time in Michigan and leaving was so bittersweet.  I love the things I… Continue reading Colorburst


The Stockings Were Hung

Featuring Gravity Poses The winter/Christmas round of Pose Fair is coming up quickly and promises to be fun and festive.  In addition to the usual great poses, including at least one new exclusive marked 50% off, there will also be gachas this time! My featured pose is from Gravity Poses and is one of the… Continue reading The Stockings Were Hung


I’m His Girl

  Featuring Lyrium Poses and ZK Store Got to be there (got to be there) Be there in the mornin' When he says hello to the world Got to be there (got to be there) Be there bringin' good times And show him that I'm his girl Oh, what a feeling there'll be The moment… Continue reading I’m His Girl


Tropical State Of Mind

Featuring Lyrium Poses and [Aleutia] "I often wonder about people who live in tropical countries. What do their screensavers look like?" - Comedian Derick Lengwenus Today I am blogging an "oh so beachy" dress from Aleutia.  The Gabi dress comes in gorgeous tropical patterns and you get both a long and short version as well as… Continue reading Tropical State Of Mind


Love Lift Us Up

Featuring KoKoLoReS at Pose Fair Today I have another great pose that will be making its way to the Pose Fair.  Are you looking for love to lift you up...literally?  This new pose from Kokolores is probably your best chance of making that happen then.  It is one of the poses in the Fun with… Continue reading Love Lift Us Up

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Make You Feel My Love

When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love When the evening shadows and the stars appear And there is no one there to dry your tears I could hold you for a million years… Continue reading Make You Feel My Love