I Spy With My Little Eye…

Featuring Aleutia and {NANTRA} Ok..so maybe my "little eye" needed some help from the binoculars...and I'm not spying...I'm on a stake out..yeah, that's it...a stake out! Today I am featuring a fun new pose set from {NANTRA}.  This is one of six poses in the Bird Watcher set which includes the binoculars and even a… Continue reading I Spy With My Little Eye…


Time To Rise

Featuring KOPFKINO and KraftWork A birdie with a yellow billHopped upon my window sill,Cocked his shining eye and said:"Ain't you 'shamed, you sleepy-head!" - Robert Louis Stevenson I know I have mentioned before the fact that I collect vintage children's books.  The poem above is one my mother used to read to my sister and… Continue reading Time To Rise


In The Cold Light Of Day

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Serenity Style and KOPFKINO Christmas may be over but we have a whole lot of winter left.  Thinking about a title for this photo all I needed to do was look up from my desk and take notice of the sunlight streaming through the window.  It is certainly sunny and bright… Continue reading In The Cold Light Of Day


Rest & Refresh

Featuring {Old Barn Door} I am a morning person.  Years of being up early for work has created a built in alarm clock so even though I don't have anywhere to be I am still up by 6AM most every day.  Much like this skybox, I have 3 very large windows in my bedroom that… Continue reading Rest & Refresh


Every Bunny Welcome

Featuring Aphrodite Shop, {Old Barn Door} and Sway's Sneaking in a second post today because there were some super cute items from the 60L Happy Weekend Sale and the Secret Sunday Sale that will go back to regular price tomorrow.  I am also using items from Love To Decorate's Hoppin' Good Time Sale.  The sale… Continue reading Every Bunny Welcome


Bedtime Story

Featuring Cheeky Pea and {Old Barn Door} It's raining outside and I've got blog posts done and scheduled through Sunday.  I would say today is a good day for a double post...especially since Cheeky Pea has just released a new bedroom set that is gorgeous and oh so cozy!  The Hardy Bedroom Set comes in… Continue reading Bedtime Story

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Bedroom Luxuries

Featuring [Krescendo] and [InsurreKtion] Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. -Unknown- Credits Decor [Krescendo] Hollywood Glamour Chair @ A+ Event Hollywood Glamour Chandelier @ A+ Event Hollywood Glamour Phone @ A+ Event Hollywood Glamour Table @ A+ Event [InsurreKtion] White Boudoir Air Freshener White Boudoir Beauty Set White Boudoir Candle White… Continue reading Bedroom Luxuries

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Adventure at the Shore

Featuring :: NEWCHURCH :: I'm ready to move in!  I think I may need to recreate this for my main house in Second Life which is on the beach.  I definitely think there is a difference between a house on the beach and a house near the shore.  I think "tropical" when I hear the… Continue reading Adventure at the Shore

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Zen Moments

I decorated and landscaped a small parcel for a friend who wanted a little Asian inspired zen getaway and she has been gracious enough to allow me to take pictures there on more than one occasion.  When I saw these new items from ::NEWCHURCH::,  I knew I would be asking again.  I love the rich… Continue reading Zen Moments